Class 2F Assembly

The assembly started with a prayer followed by a quotation on friendship. This was followed by each alphabet representing a deep feeling on friendship. Then a skit was presented laying emphasis on the fact that friendship is above caste, colour and creed. Emphasis was laid on the physical, mental, psychological and social relevance of friends. In the end the children danced on a number ‘friendship-the emotional bond’

Class 2E Assembly

Class II-E Assembly
Theme: Amazing Animal World
Date: 21/08/17
Class II-E presented its assembly on 21st of August ’17,theme being ‘Amazing Animal World’. We started our assembly by paying a tribute to our planet Earth on which we all live together- animals, plants and human beings.
The speakers spoke about animal habits, their habitat and animals as helpers. This was followed by a skit “How animals saved the old Cypress Tree.”
The children danced on the song ‘Animal Planet’
The assembly was greatly appreciated by the parents and the students, for its theme which threw out a message to save trees and protect the environment.

Class 3D Assembly

Children of Class III D had their assembly on 31.7.17 on ‘Save Trees Save Animals’. Two stories namely, ‘Monkeys come to the village’ and ‘Satrangi Mor’ were adapted and amalgamated into a single story and presented as a skit.
Class Choir children sang a song and recited a poem. The assembly ended with a dance performance by all the class children.

Class 4D Assembly

Theme : Information Technology
Class Teacher : Bharti Goel

• Introduction on Information Technology.
• Poem on uses of technology.
• Speakers gave their views on advantages and disadvantages of gadgets and technology.
• Song on Computer Keyboard.
• Dance performance by students on technology.
• 100 % class participation in the assembly.
• Our Headmistress, Mrs. Archana Pental concluded the assembly with a note of encouragement.

Class 2D Assembly

DATE: 9.08.17
Class II – D assembly was conducted on 9th August 2017. The theme was, “We are all physically, emotionally and mentally strong individuals.” Children spoke confidently. This was followed by a peppy song and a dance performed by the entire class. It was an age-appropriate, value based assembly.

Class 1E Assembly

• A student of 1 E welcomed the gathering.
• All the children spoke about Independence of India, freedom fighters and ‘Unity in diversity’.
• They were dressed as various leaders like-Subhash Chandra Bose, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Rani Lakshmibai etc.
• Some of them were also dressed up in various state costumes.
• A group of children recited a patriotic poem.
• There was full class participation in song and dance-both patriotic.
• Dress code was white kurta/churidar with saffron/green/blue dupatta.
• The Headmistress addressed the gathering of class1 students, parents of 1 E and all the teachers present.
• The assembly concluded with the National Anthem.

Class 1D Assembly

Participants- Full class participation (36 students)
The students sang a song on ‘ Togetherness’ – “ The more we get together, the happier we’ll be.”
The speakers spoke lines about the joy of being together and celebrating the small things in life with friends and family.The assembly aimed at giving the message that it is important to work together, celebrate together and be together.
Dance- The children danced on the song –“hum naye geet sunayein.”
The dance was performed in separate groups by the class students.

Class 4C Assembly

The students of Class 4 presented their class assembly on Thursday 27th July 2017. The theme of the assembly was ‘Save Trees’.We started the assembly with a skit “Trees are our best friends”.
The skit depicted the role of trees as essential for a healthy and happy life and the great role they play in the life of all living creatures..
Children took a pledge asking everyone to plant and save more trees, by watering them, stopping them from being cut and spreading social awareness about the campaign “SAVE TREES”.
The assembly concluded with a mesmerizing and poignant dance performance woven beautifully along the theme on the song “Mujhe Mat Kato Dukhta Hai” .
The assembly was thoroughly enjoyed by parents and children alike, both for its entertainment quotient and the valuable message it conveyed.

Class 2B Assembly

Theme: Good Manners
On the 9th of May, class 2B presented an assembly on Good Manners. All the children participated. The assembly opened with a prayer, which was followed by a welcome note by Ananya. This was followed with a quote of the day by Ishaan. After this, some of the children performed a skit where the topic Good Manners was discussed. The next event was a poem on good manners. The whole class came on stage with a beautiful song on the theme. The assembly was concluded with a dance taken from “school days”, where the whole class performed with aplomb.

Class IB Assembly

Theme- I AM SPECIAL-3 MAY 2017
The theme aptly tells that each child is special and unique.Every child has special features like special handprint, names,body parts etc which are so important . It is extremely important to look after yourself and remain healthy and strong by eating nutrious food and doing exercise.
The whole class participated and spoke their given lines very confidently,sang a group song and danced to a rhythmic music.
At the end a pledge was taken that they will not indulge in fast food.


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